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"Neiwaijianxiu" new hardware accessories to give furniture a new experience

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Traditional Chinese furniture did not need furniture hardware accessories, all functions are based on the realization of wood structure, metal in ancient times only as a decorative application in the furniture, until the Ching Ming period, metal only in the furniture (mainly wooden cases Body locking, wrapping, hinge, etc.) to achieve a simple function. In the 1980s, furniture imported from the West into China, furniture hardware accessories began to use a lot in furniture, after nearly 30 years of development, hardware furniture accessories in the role of furniture is also increasingly important, people's concern about the quality of furniture has begun From the sheet metal, environmental protection slowly turned to the hardware accessories.
With the improvement of consumer standard of living, consumer awareness is gradually changing. Former consumers may be concerned about the price and practicality of products, consumers now have a strict check on the practicality of the need to be beautiful, which is the growing demand for quality of life reasons, one can imagine high-end furniture products will Become the mainstream market trends in the future. This will lead to the development and introduction of new hardware accessories, the new hardware accessories in the function, style, quality, update and improve, but also gives the furniture style and function of the constantly updated development, which also led directly to the decorative hardware and functional hardware two Major categories of furniture hardware under the guidance of industrial design theory, the level of industrial production of highly developed today, is gradually moving towards unity.
However, review the development of China's hardware accessories is not smooth sailing, pay attention to the quality of the appearance of the hardware accessories is not good, pay attention to the quality of hardware and furniture with the appearance is not beautiful, low furniture grade. Blame the reason, or because the level of development of China's furniture hardware accessories yet to be further improved. But there is room for improvement there is room for improvement, which is where the industry see hope, the future of furniture hardware industry will have a new change and upgrade, if the hardware can do "internally and externally", then China's general hardware accessories can replace the general import hardware accessories, but the current high-tech features of the accessories yet to be developed.
It is in this general trend of the situation, the face of the trend of new hardware accessories continue to expand, China's hardware companies also speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, hot pursuit, the emergence of a number of courage to challenge the courage to innovate hardware business. Which known as "China's home hardware capital," Leliu has all kinds of home hardware and spare parts manufacturing enterprises of 800, and Leliu hardware leading enterprises in Dongtai Hardware Group has become Asia's largest home hardware manufacturers , The existing high-end home hardware five categories, various series of thousands of product specifications and the establishment of logistics centers in the United States, its brand "DTC" is also well-known trademarks in China. For the new hardware accessories in furniture plays a decisive role, Dongtai hardware know its importance, head straight, holding 386 patented technology to create Dongtai Hardware Group core competitiveness, and truly improve the technical content, research and development more consumers Favorite furniture hardware accessories.
Looking to the future, with the development of modern furniture accessories, personalized, people's demand for furniture, from the basic needs of the original personal life to the needs of the experience, and the pursuit of personalized attitude towards life directly to the furniture hardware Accessories, I believe that the future of furniture hardware accessories will be able to shine.

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