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Building materials, furniture, hardware, the best time to transition has now come

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The rapid development of real estate over the past two years, led the building materials industry and the development of the market, and a street officially approved the "hardware capital of China's home" honorary title, and set up hardware home Chamber of Commerce, the appointment of building materials industry furniture hardware brand Guangdong Dongtai Hardware Group Chairman Wu Zhihui for the Chamber of Commerce. This means that the Guangdong furniture hardware "Yongkang model" basic shape, building materials industry, furniture, hardware companies the best time to transition!
In recent years, rising raw material prices, labor costs and logistics costs increase, the financial crisis has become a constraint on domestic furniture hardware industry, the main factor in the development of export; and rapid development of custom furniture, furniture hardware industry also requires the objective of the times The trend of the market situation with emphasis on product quality and innovation. In this case, the furniture hardware industry in order to continue to move forward, transformation and upgrading is the key to solve the problem.

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