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Furniture hardware excess capacity bottleneck to be a breakthrough

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After 10 years of rapid growth, China's furniture industry overcapacity problems have become increasingly prominent, due to the slowdown in the market economy, furniture, hardware market by the supply into a supply exceeding demand. In addition, due to high energy consumption, high pollution brought about by the environmental impact of energy-saving emission reduction has become the reality of enterprises must deal with, and this will inevitably lead to furniture hardware industry to raise the threshold. Industry sources, to break the bottleneck of the development of the industry, only by improving product quality and the enterprise's own technical strength to achieve.
In recent years, the furniture hardware industry has changed the past smooth sailing, and gradually enter the bottleneck of the development period, which is rising raw material prices, logistics costs and labor costs are closely related. In fact, developed countries in Europe and America in recent years because of the rapid development of production technology and domestic labor costs and other reasons, to China and other third world countries to transfer its low-grade products, their only production of some high value-added products. From the domestic situation, it is the eastern region of the furniture hardware industry gradually from south to north, from east to west transfer. Such as China's Sichuan Province, the current production scale from the product and business sales point of view, has become a furniture hardware production province, the western big production base has been formed in Sichuan. However, the overall situation, due to the slowdown in the market economy, the domestic market demand is not busy, with a lot of domestic self-built market, the distribution is also very broad, the current furniture hardware market in oversupply situation, many furniture unmarketable.
The industry, said the furniture hardware industry to seek a breakthrough in development, requires companies to follow the market situation, not only satisfied with the mass production of furniture products, but should be based on the individual needs of consumers, the development of customized business, good product quality , Based on the original product design and build a unique process. International Mold and Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association, the Secretary-General Luo Baihui also said that China's furniture hardware market to further bigger and stronger, transformation and upgrading is the key. This two-year custom furniture is emerging, personalized become the development trend.
Threshold increased
At present, energy-saving environmental protection has become a lot of industry must do homework, the state also has the corresponding policies introduced. For the home market, high energy consumption, high pollution brought about by the increasingly serious environmental impact, energy-saving emission reduction as enterprises and businesses to carry out an important means of competition. And this trend will lead to furniture hardware accessories threshold.
It is understood that, although China's hardware products after 10 years of development, some enterprises have gradually formed a series, standardization, brand management. Compared to the domestic production of slightly lower quality standards, in front of international standards, not all of the hardware companies are able to quickly break through, such as wardrobe hardware accessories to produce wardrobe hardware specifications of the export products, supporting the production of pressure to increase a lot.
Some domestic furniture hardware manufacturers in the development of extensive economic model, the waste of resources, energy waste, environmental pollution at the expense of. With the country to vigorously promote the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction policies for the production enterprises, it means that the quality of upgrading and technological innovation to strengthen.
In addition, with the improvement of consumer standard of living, the requirements for energy-saving environmental protection products are also improving. Furniture hardware accessories as a necessity of life, will inevitably change with the needs of consumers and the market environment and continue to be improved and upgraded, which for the industry, it will also be an important opportunity to promote the reshuffle.

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